Let Me Play Athletics Camp - Athletics Camps

Let Me Play Athletics Camp

Leicester (England - East Midlands)
From 06/08/17 to 11/08/17

Let Me Play’s intense training camp benefits from state-of-the-art facilities boasting both indoor and outdoor...

Vancouver Leadership Camp - Athletics Camps

Vancouver Leadership Camp

Vancouver (British Columbia)
From 25/06/17 to 26/08/17

Young Canadians & International youth gather in Vancouver, year after year, to create a unique 28 day program; where...

Bear Grylls Survival Camp - Athletics Camps

Bear Grylls Survival Camp

Newnham (Northern Ireland)
From 25/06/17 to 26/08/17

A character building challenge that starts to become a bit more serious, and campers are now faced with tougher obstacles,...