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Horse Riding Camp in York -

Horse Riding Camp in York

Harrogate (England - Yorks & Humber)

An outstanding programme for young riders at our top Equestrian Centre This is a long established successful...

Surf Camp in Spain -

Surf Camp in Spain

Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Learning to surf on the beaches of Andalusia - a dream come true! You will learn to master and improve your skills...

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From £2,300.00

Adventure Sports Camp - Germany -

Adventure Sports Camp - Germany

Walsrode (Niedersachsen)

Walsrode in Northern Germany & Neuburg in Southern Germany are our great and traditional International Adventure...

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From £650.00

Horseback Riding Camp in Germany -

Horseback Riding Camp in Germany

Walsrode (Niedersachsen)

In this program you will get to experience first-hand a fantastic mix of horseback riding routines plus an exhilarating...

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From £1,000.00

Vancouver Leadership Camp -

Vancouver Leadership Camp

Vancouver (British Columbia)

Young Canadians & International youth gather in Vancouver, year after year, to create a unique 28 day program; where...

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From £2,800.00