International Elite Golf Academy - London - Golf Camps

International Elite Golf Academy - London - Golf Camps
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International Elite Golf Academy - London

Develop your golf skills at our International Golf Camp in London. The International Elite Golf Academy is a great way for junior golfers to take their game to the next level. Whether they are a recreational golfer, or a competitive junior golfer, our team can meet their needs in a fun and challenging environment.

The daily programme will cover techniques for all aspects of the game including long play, short play, full swing, bunker shots, putting and physical fitness. Students will also work on their mental attitude, etiquette and competitive play.
Participants can choose between different options:

English + Golf Camp (Beginner / Intermediate Level)
For participants who wish to improve their language skills (focusing on vocabulary development) as well as practise their golf techniques.

English + Golf Camp (Elite Programme)
For participants with a handicap who wish to improve their language skills and to continue development in their techniques at golf, emphasizing swing analysis and course management.

A standard day will consist of 3 hours of language classes and 2 hours of golf coaching.

English Language Teaching

Our programme is accredited by British Council to guarantee the high quality of service in English classes. Created exclusively by Choices International, the programme develops English and communication skills.


Please note that the registration fee of £100 is not included in the price.

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