Training Camp - Athletics Camps

Training Camp - Athletics Camps
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Our Training Camps are designed for top athletes who want to practice hard in high-level facilities. León Travel & Leisure will give you all the services allowing you to concentrate just on training. The city of León and its 130.000 citizens will provide you a confortable and nice atmosphere during your stay and our team will personally assist you to have a concrete commitment on your practices.
People who love all kind of sports and somehow sports are or have been part of their lives created León Travel & Leisure. LT&L commitment is the combination of training hard in high-level facilities; offering you a comfortable, modern and welcoming accommodation close to the city centre; personalizing your timetables and day-to-day training; providing you a balanced diet that is designed for people specialising on sports nutrition; and of course making you enjoy the training camp in León through leisure activities adapted to you.
During your stay, our staff would personally assist you 24h whatever you need and also LT&L team would provide you different leisure activities during your rest day.

Our mission is to offer you the highest quality care to make your time in León more enjoyable in a comfortable, efficient and safe manner.
Our objective is to contribute to your improvement. Your results depend also on us, so our goal is to make you feel like home by providing you all the services you would need to your career enhancement.

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