Footvia Excellence Program - Football Schools

Footvia Excellence Program - Football Schools
  • Footvia Excellence Program
  • Footvia Excellence Program
  • Footvia Excellence Program
  • Footvia Excellence Program
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  • Av Salvador Espriu, s/n Badalona, Barcelona , Spain

  • Ages From 16 years

Footvia is a soccer academy, located in Barcelona , Catalonia,  that gives young players aged 7 to  21 years old  the ability to learn high qualified training skills.

The academy offer an excellent sports, academic and personal training through their well known Spanish methodology programs.

Footvia Excellence program gives the player all the tools available  in order to reach successful performance during the game, academic and personal development.

The program  will give you the opportunity  to play a very high level of football. They offer different options in order to reach any player demand.

Footvia  organizes short stay from 1 to 8 weeks that can fit any players needs and respond to any one willing to experience a high performance football program among very good professionals.

Footvia Coaches

All coaches have UEFA PRO license and they have a wide experience as a trainer in Catalunya's base football.

All of them are currently working in the best teams in Catalunya, and they are strive to give  the very best  quality and get the best of the players following Catalan  techniques and well practices the  Spanish football has to offer.

The program

Professional soccer training and High quality soccer instruction, introducing the player to one of the league team from Catalan Soccer Federation.

90-minute of valuable on field instruction sessions, including goal setting, leadership skills, Coaching philosophies  and monitoring from Monday to Friday.

One-on-one training session of 75 minutes to really increase the personal skills and issues of the players – with a maximum of 4 players per session.

Gym center enrollment for players aged 15 years old and more.

League game once a week, competition between local Catalan clubs (for players who stay in the academy for more than three months and they are 18 years old).

Ability to play tournaments that take place throughout the year.

Resume of the player for the head hunters of high level professional.

Pack of sportswear.

Personal assistant coach that is responsible for tracking the players performance, teach leadership skills and sport psychology.


Very small groups workshop run by qualified Spanish coaches.

Improving football skills through theoretical and practical techniques in order to achieve knowledge on the position played in the field.

Learning and assimilating all  the most fundamentals tactical of football. Players will experience workshops in very keys areas through advanced methods of solving  problems, analysis practice and coordinating the game

Coordination with and without the ball.

For the players that are 16 years old  and on, we have added additional work in the gym to Strength training skills in football.

Promoting values such as teamwork, effort and personal improvement.

Monitoring training  revue with the coach and player to analysis the game and /or training with the team.


All players who carry out our sports programs receive at the end of their stay an evaluation and assessment report on the level shown in all the training and matches played.

These reports are drawn up by experienced persons, club coaches where the player has participated, coordinators, sports directors and the tutor responsible for the player's follow-up.

Academic Formation

Footvia considered EDUCATION essential  and help the  athletes to achieve an  academic formation in parallel with sport  training .

Footvia will offer the players various options to chose with between several centers of education, public or private

Classes will be held Monday through Friday.
Possibility of learning languages : Spanish, English, Catalan

Depending on the country of origin of the player and his age, enrollment of children in a school shall be required in order to obtain a student visa and / or residence card.

Official titles of football coach from Barcelona approved center.


Players that stay in our Academy for more than four months will be   able to realize the official coaching courses that will allow them to get  the Spanish official licenses.

Av Salvador Espriu, s/n Badalona, Barcelona , Spain